Matthews Introduces MatthSHIELD Floppies: Clear Vinyl Protection for Personnel & Gear

by | Nov 29, 2020 | News | 0 comments

MattshieldFloppy2Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. has added to their 40”x40” line with a clear Floppy to help protect crew, actors and gear. It creates an easily maneuverable partition of clear marine vinyl that mounts onto any stand or grip gear on set, shielding cameras and crew from splattering special effects and providing a safety barrier for actors to aid in preventing COVID transmission.  Like the rest of the 40”x40” line, the MatthSHIELD Floppy is portable enough to travel in a hatchback car and compact enough to work in tight locations.

We had a chance to try it out while filming our Digital Cinema Society documentary “Tools and Techniques for Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of Covid”.  It helped to create barriers to potential virus transmission even when we were forced to be in relatively close proximity to our subjects. I just wish I had one on hand the last time I had to shoot a scene with movie blood splattering everywhere!  The MatthSHIELD is available now at $279 directly from Matthews Studio Equipment.  For more details visit:



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