Long Awaited Cine Lens Manual by Jay Holben and Christopher Probst, ASC is now available

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Adakin Press has announced the release of The Cine Lens Manual, a definitive resource on cinema lenses. Co-authored by Jay Holben and Christopher Probst, ASC The Cine Lens Manual is a journey through the world of cinema lenses investigating every possible aspect from the formation of glass to today’s top cinematographic optical tools.  Since the proliferation of digital cinema cameras, the demand for vintage and contemporary lenses has increased exponentially. Lenses that had fallen into dusty disuse have been revived for a whole new life and manufacturers scramble to introduce new lenses to keep up with demand. Now, more than ever, cinematographers, visual effects artists, camera assistants and filmmakers of all types require a deep understanding of their optics choices.

The Cine Lens Manual is a comprehensive examination of the art and science of cinema optics. Written in clear, easily-digestible language, and extensively illustrated, this sourcebook is designed for readers of all levels from novice to expert. With more than 60-years of experience between them as cinematographers, technical journalists and educators, authors Jay Holben and Christopher Probst, ASC break down the most complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas, without requiring a mastery of calculus or physics.  Excerpts from some of the many rave reviews include:

“It’s an essential text for all filmmakers.”

Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS

“The Cine Lens Manual is truly invaluable.”

Russell Carpenter, ASC

The authors have kindly donated a copy to the 2022 DCS NAB Internet Silent Auction.  To find out more or to purchase The Cine Lens Manual visit:  www.cinelensmanual.com


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