LiteGear Introduces Spectrum OS2 with Informative Video

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LiteGearSpectrumOS2LiteGear has introduced an update to their popular lighting control software known as Spectrum OS2.  Spectrum OS2 builds on the functionality of LiteMat and provides full spectrum output making it easier than ever to adjust the CCT, accent color, and saturation parameters and greatly expanded DMX control for console programmers.  The new “Gradient Mode” offers simple control of multiple pixels from local or DMX operation and allows control of up to 12 pixels by simply setting the first and the last Large Format Pixel. The calculation is automatically done using one or more parameters such as intensity, CCT, tint, saturation, and accent color. The middle pixels are averaged to values between first and last, creating gradual transitions of one or more stacked parameters in real-time.

Spectrum OS2 also includes 23 new DMX personalities which give massive amounts of control for console programmers. Among others, the RGB DMX personalities enable mixing of your own color via the console by either simple RGB parameters or with the option to set your white point. These modes allow pixel mapping fixture with all the physical advantages of a LiteMat.  Additional features include Nudge Control (quick parameter adjustment using screen-side buttons), CurrentSense (enables limiting power consumption for battery use), RDM Implementation, DMX Transmit Mode, and a DMX Streaming Monitor. Other enhancements have been made such as improved color science and tint function, ballast status visibility, enhanced low-light color consistency, and much more. Spectrum OS2 is compatible with all Spectrum ballasts and is available on July 15th as a free download. For more information and a very informative video presentation, please visit


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