LeVere Entertainment Releases AI-Powered OpenBID VFX Bidding Ecosystem

by | Nov 9, 2023 | News | 0 comments

LeVere Entertainment, founded by veteran VFX Supervisor Marcus LeVere, has announced the launch of OpenBID Client, a new AI-powered tool designed to standardize and expedite the VFX bidding process for production-side supervisors and producers. OpenBID Client offers a unified platform for script breakdowns, vendor communication, and bid comparison.

OpenBID Client is designed to simplify workflows through built-in automations that generate and send NDAs, insert thumbnails and video links, and share tech memos. It enables production-side VFX Supervisors to lock the format of their bid breakdown, and see all submitted bids in one comprehensive overview display. OpenBID Client complements OpenBID Vendor, which was first launched in March 2022 to support VFX vendor operations with features such as cash flow tracking and resource planning.

VFX Supervisors and Producers can get started with OpenBID for free by visiting www.openbid.bid and following the instructions to install the OpenBID Toolkit.


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