Leitz Cine Announces New Full Frame Cine Primes and Zooms

by | Sep 28, 2018 | News | 0 comments

LEZ NewReplaceCW SonderOpticLeitz Cine, (formerly known as CW Sonderoptic), used the occasion of IBC to announce the development of a new set of twelve prime lenses designed for Full Frame/Vista Vision format as well as a new pair of cinema zoom lenses also designed for large format cinematography.  LeitzPrimeThe prime set will feature twelve lenses ranging from 18mm to 180mm with a common aperture of T1.8.  Although they are not expected to be available until 2020, pre-orders are being accepted now with a price expected to exceed $50,00US per lens.

LeitzZoomsLeitz also announced that they will produce their first ever zoom lenses which will also cover Full Frame/Vista Vision formats. The pair of zooms will be a wide 25-75mm and a 55-125mm.  Both feature a consistent T2.8 aperture with no ramping throughout the range.  They are slated to deliver in 2019 at an estimated price of $50,000US per lens, or roughly the same as each individual lens in the set of primes.





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