Latest Additions to DCS 2020 Cinema Technology Spotlight interviews

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Following are the latest additions to the DCS 2020 Cinema Technology Spotlight series.  Check back for more to come over the next week and see the entire collection to date:

Ramy Katrib – DigitalFilm Tree

RamyDTF WebframeJames Mathers interviews DigitalFilm Tree’s Ramy Katrib about the company’s pioneering effort in Cloud Workflows.

Brian Linhoff – Sigma

SigmaWEBFRAME PlateJames Mathers interviews Sigma‘s Senior Cine Product Specialist, Brian Linhoff about their line of cinema primes that now have Cooke /i technology and their new small form factor, but large format stills camera, the Sigma FP.

Nicolas Goerg – Rosco/DMG Lumiére

RoscoDMG WEBFRAMEJames Mathers interviews Nicolas Goerg, the Product Manager from Rosco/DMG Lumiére about the company philosophy about color and the new MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook.

Barry Garcia – Nanlite

NanliteWEBFRAME PlateJames Mathers interviews Nanlite‘s Barry Garcia about the company’s broad range of affordable lighting products.

John Tindall – Brokeh

BrokehWebFrameJames Mathers interviews filmmaker and inventor, John Tindall about his new lighting color modifying system known as Brokeh.

Alan Ipakchian and Tim Duff – Litepanels/Lighticians

LitepanelsWebframeJames Mathers interviews Litepanels’ Alan Ipakchian and Lighticians’ Tim Duff on how their two companies are working together to bring sophisticated wireless control to the Litepanels fixtures with the Apollo system.

Les Zellan – Cooke Optics

ZellanCookeWebFrameJames Mathers visits with Cooke Optics CEO Les Zellan who discusses the state of the Lens business as well as several new products including new Full Frame Spherical and Anamorphics, plus Full Frame Macro lenses in various focal lengths.

Steve Cooperman – Panasonic

PanasonicCoopermanWebFrameJames Mathers shares his love of the VariCam and finds out what’s new from Panasonic from Senior Product Manager, Steve Cooperman.

Randy Wedick – Band Pro/Angénieux

BandProWebFrameJames Mathers meets with Band Pro‘s Randy Wedick to find out about the new Optimo Primes from Angénieux with the unique ability to change the look via user-swappable features such as the replaceable iris blade unit, internal glass optical element and rear filter.

Toby Sali – BB&S Lighting

TobySaliBBS WebFrameJames Mathers meets with BB&S Lighting‘s Toby Sali to get an update on their new products including the Area 48 Color, the Compact Beam Light, the CRLS Reflector System, and the Pipeline Reporter Kit which is designed to light for web cameras.


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