K5600 Announces a New Family of LED Lighting

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K5600LEDsK5600, a renowned manufacturer of cinema lighting gear including the famous Joker and Alpha lines of HMIs will use the occasion of Cine Gear Expo 2019 to introduce a new family of LED lights.  Over the last decade they have held off on introducing their own LEDs because the output and color fidelity didn’t meet their standards.  They are now ready to introduce a versatile new ecosystem of LED fixtures that incorporate all of K5600’s core values: ruggedness, versatility, upgradeability, output and light-shaping quality.

Joker 300 (to the left in the photo above)

• All four light-shaping options: Parabolic Beamer, Lenses, Soft Box and Ellipsoid Spot
• Removable Beamer reflector is compatible with our Joker 400 lenses and barndoors
• Fun fact: lumen output in some configurations is comparable to the Joker 400

Alpha 300––Based on the Alpha 800 HMI, (to the right in the photo above)
• Delivers crisp Fresnel highlight/shadow quality comparable to traditional tungsten or HMI lights

  • Smoothly adjustable beam angle from 5-55°.
  • 6.9” diameter lens
  • • PlanoConvex optic directs light forward, leading to a brighter and more even light. Both the Joker 300 and Alpha 300 are built around our exclusive 14mm LES (Light Emitting Surface) allowing for perfect light-to-lens ratios.

Each includes:

  • K5600’s unique Bi-Color matrix LED chip
  • Highest lumen/watt output and 95+ Color Rendering
  • 300W max output (from 2700 – 6500° K)
  • Wired and wireless DMX compatibility, using Lumen Radio’s protocol
  • 9’ Head Cable (Head extensions are standard K5600 items that you probably already have)

K5600’s Wafer-Thin Panels – (featured in 4′ configuration above in the center)

K5600 ThinPanels

Various configurations are possible mixing four available panel sizes, 4’ x 1’ (300W) 4’ x 6” (150W) 2’ x 1’ (150W) 2’ x 6” (75W), all less than 1.35” thick:

• True color from 2700-6500° K, achieved through custom LED PCB’s for added heat dissipation, meaning more wattage output.
• The housing’s male/female extrusion design allows multiple units to easily be connected, even as a 4 sided column of light.

• A unique foldable yoke is available for the 4×4 configuration (center of top photo).
•  Wired and wireless DMX compatible, using Lumen Radio’s protocol.
•  All panels include a 3’ Head Cable (Head extensions are standard K5600 items that you probably already have)

K5600’s LED Ballasts

K5600LED BallastLED power and adjustability are controlled by multiple components. Following K5600’s design philosophy, all LED fixtures are devoid of controls, making each more compact and a lot more rugged.  All components and controls are contained in this compact case.

• LCD screen displays output functions: 2700 – 6500° K color temperature control, 1 – 100% dimming, DMX selection/termination and auto sensing (the ballast knows the wattage required for connected fixtures and automatically delivers the appropriate energy)

300W Single Ballast:

  • Direct 48V DC input capable and PWM square wave modulated
  • Micro Port for firmware upgrades and diagnosis is included
  • Add a Splitter Box and you can power two of our 75 or 150W panels.

1200W Multi-output Ballast: (uses two output connectors)

  • Each output is capable of 600W of power
  • Plug in any two of our LEDs and the ballast will sense the power needed
  • Adding two of our Splitter Boxes allows up to any four lights on a single 1200 Ballast
  • LCD screen display toggles between any connected fixtures for individual control (above) Splitter––Sports three connectors: one input and two output. The Splitter communicates with the ballast how many lamps are connected and gives independent control of each, regardless of which fixtures are connected. Note – All electronics in heads and ballasts are six-channel capable. This will allow for full color upgrades in the future.That said, output will be affected with a full color solution.


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