Introducing Teradek Data – Cellular Data Plans for Dependable Cellular Transmission for Broadcasting and Camera-2-Cloud Applications

by | May 2, 2023 | News | 0 comments

In the short time since NAB, where we successfully employed a Camera-2-Cloud workflow for the second year to cover the convention, Teradek has announced their own solution to the challenge of getting reliable cellular connections.  We used Adobe’s and the Teradek Prism Mobile system, which was able to take advantage of third party bonded cellular providers in one compact unit, (a major improvement over our 2022 hardware.)  Now Teradek has announced “Teradek Data,” which will act much like the bonded cellular we used, but with even more flexibility. Teradek Data will use multiple carriers in one eSIM card to circumvent issues of data throttling and data caps, or the need to have different plans for different SIMs.  Broadcasters and content creators will be able to buy buckets of data in advance and the plan will allow users with multiple devices to share that data across their entire fleet, pooling data buckets for much greater versatility.  Coverage will be worldwide accessing both 4G and 5G networks with no data caps or deprioritization for mission critical applications.  For more details, please visit:


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