Infinity Photo-Optical adds a new HYDROPHOBIC ASPHERIC SNORKEL to Their Line of Micro/Macro Lenses

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Infinity Photo-Optical is using the occasion of Cine Gear Expo Atlanta, (ATL Expo) to introduce what they are calling the world’s first HYDROPHOBIC ASPHERIC SNORKEL Lens.  The TS-160 with the DipR(tm) will be demoed at their ATL Expo booth #105 on October 6-7.  It has the ability to dip up to 10 inches below the surface, pull out of water and continue without a drop of water clinging to the front element of the lens.  As with most of Infinity’s Micro/Macro series of lenses, focus is maintained from infinity to millimeters in front of the lens; it covers Full Frame and maintains a flat field over most all formats and mounts.

Also being shown by Infinity at ATL Expo is what they call their STUDIO IN A LENS CASE, which I liken to an optical erector set. The system comes in a compact case carrying five prime lenses, 45-degree and 90-degree prism fronts, and enough accessories and adaptors to create seemingly endless permutations for Micro/Macro photography.  The unique optics are based on microscope technology allowing a single focus setting to reach from as little as two inches in front of the lens to infinity. The included Micro HM lens can be used in actual micro ranges from 0-16x.  Infinity has teamed with Edmund Optics, so lens sales and service are broadly available worldwide. Find out more about all their lenses at:


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