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VitualProductionGlosseryIn an industry-wide effort to establish a common vocabulary across professionals working in Virtual Production, the Visual Effects Society (VES), the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), and a host of industry experts, with support from Epic Games and Netflix have created an online resource known as The Virtual Production Glossary.  The online database known as The Virtual Production Glossary is designed to be a dynamic, industry-propelled effort rather than a static document. Suggestions for new terms and updates to existing terms are encouraged via the website by joining Virtual Production Glossary Discord community.

The multidisciplinary nature of virtual production requires a common language between departments whose work has traditionally been siloed across phases of production. As defined in the glossary, virtual production “uses technology to join the digital world with the physical world in real-time. It enables filmmakers to interact with the digital process in the same ways they interact with live-action production.” Virtual production processes—whether in the art department, visualization, cinematography, in-camera visual effects, remote collaboration, or real-time compositing—are empowering teams to work together in new ways.

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