Godox Introduces the KNOWLED APP for DMX Control and Mapping on Mobile Devices

by | Mar 29, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Godox has announced their new KNOWLED App to manage all DMX lights, ensuring stable connections with any brand right from a tablet. The app has been designed with cinematographers, gaffers, lighting designers, and other industry experts in mind who require professional control over DMX lighting. The app enables Light Mapping to directly match lighting with scenes, simplifying complex setups without the need for extra tools. Lighting layouts and the positioning of fixtures on a grid reflect the actual on-set lighting arrangement. It also allows realistic visualizations with realtime previews displaying brightness, color, and other parameters available in CCT, RGB, xy, and other models. All functions can be controlled wired or wirelessly with Lumenradio Bluetooth and Ethernet to fit individual workflows.

Search for the Godox KNOWLED on the Apple App Store or Google Play.



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