Godox Introduces the BeamLight Max90 – a Cinematic-Grade Parallel Beam LED

by | May 30, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Godox has introduced a new series of Parallel Beam lighting units they are calling the BeamLight.  The BeamLight Max90 utilizes a unique optical design to achieve an extremely narrow beam angle of just 5°. This enables it to deliver powerful parallel beams with slow decay making it ideal for replicating natural sunlight over long distances. The BeamLight Max90’s enhanced throw distance and illuminance are able to interface with several current Godox G-Mount LED fixtures, such as the KNOWLED MG2400Bi and MG1200Bi, (as well as future light engines as they are developed.) When combined with the MG2400Bi, brightness is comparable to a large HMI fixture while reducing power requirements and simplifying setup. When combined with Cine Lighting Reflectors LiteFlow, it forms an optimal parallel lighting system, maximizing light utilization efficiency.

For more information visit: https://godox.com/product-a/BeamLight-Max90.html


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