Fujinon Announces New Low Cost MK18-55mm T2.9 Zoom for Sony E-Mount

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Fujiinon New mk1 18 55The Fujinon Optical Systems division of Fujifilm has announced a new line of fairly high quality, but low cost zoom lenses, which have been built exclusively for E-mount cinema cameras, (such as the Sony FS-700, FS7, FS5, etc.).  It has been named the MK series, and the first lens in the line will be a MK18-55mm T2.9 priced well under $4,000US.

The MK18-55mm has a constant T2.9 aperture throughout the range, an adjustable back focus, and 200 degrees of focus rotation.  It resembles a Cabrio, sans the servo, but does feature zoom, focus, and iris gears.  It is also a bit smaller, lighter, and only a fraction of the cost compared to Cabrios, (even the latest lower cost XK 20-120mm.)

The MK18-55mm, for which major retailers are now taking pre-orders at $3,799US, will begin shipping in early March.   Another zoom, the MK50-135mm will begin shipping this summer with what is said to have a similar price and specs.  Together, these two lenses, (priced under $8,000US for the pair), would allow a range of 18mm all the way to 135mm in a compact and lightweight fairly fast zoom package which could be well suited to many Sony FS-700, FS7, and F5 camera Owners.



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