Fujifilm Introduces a Hand-Holdable 24-300mm Addition to their Duvo Line of Dual Format Cine/Broadcast Zooms

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The Optical Devices Division of Fujifilm has announced the introduction of the FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens. With delivery to the U.S. market expected in Spring of 2024, the new lens supports both S35 and Full Frame sensors via a built-in expander that also serves to extend the focal length by 1.5 times to effectively cover 36mm-450mm. At 10.6 inches long and weighing only 6.5 pounds, the new Duvo is compact and lightweight enough to be utilized for shoulder-mounted operation, as well as with a Steadicam or remote crane arm.  It compliments the first in the Duvo line, a 25-1000mm F2.8-F5.0 PL Mount Cinema Box Lens that is currently in use by filmmakers as well as broadcasters who seek a shallower depth of field for a more cinematic look.  A wider angle portable zoom lens covering a focal length of 14-100mm is coming up next; (with all three in the Duvo series available to preview at IBC).

Other features of the Duvo include:

Access to a wide variety of accessories:

  • Duvo 24-300mm supports multi-camera operations to facilitate efficient production.
  • The lens can be connected to a third-party wireless lens controller, a setup commonly used for movie and TV commercial production, to remotely control focus, aperture and zoom. This also supports focusing by a dedicated focus operator. 
  • The lens focus ring has a gear pitch of 0.8M, which allows the use of all standard, third-party accessories for movie production.

Features electronic functions to support:

  • Duvo 24-300mm features Breathing Compensation Technology (BCT), which automatically corrects focus breathing (fluctuations in the angle of view) to produce natural footage while maintaining the subject being filmed in the established field-of-view during changes in focus.
  • The lens also features Remote Back Focus (RBF), which enables the control of the flange focal distance from either the control panel of the camera or the robotic system that supports the RBF feature. It allows for precise adjustment with a large, high-resolution monitor and controlled lighting in a studio control room or in an OB van/production truck as opposed to via the onboard viewfinder.
  • Duvo 24-300mm is compatible with the “ZEISS eXtended Data” system developed by ZEISS based on the open /i Technology standard. It enables the recording of lens metadata (focus, zoom, and iris position), as well as of lens distortion and shading corrections.

For more information on the Duvo Series of PL Mount Zoom Lenses, please visit https://fujinon.com/duvo.


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