Friends of DCS: Dolby, Sony, and Adobe Win Tech Emmys

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DCS Congratulates the Winners of the ATAS Engineering Emmys including: Dolby Laboratories for the Dolby PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor, described by the Academy as “a Grade 1 monitor that offers a new standard for critical viewing applications.

The monitor renders true black levels, highly accurate dark detail, and the most precise color possible at all luminance levels and in all formats,” the Academy’s press materials continue. “Dolby uses their patented process called Dual Modulation: a modulated LCD in concert with a dynamically modulated LED backlight unit which forms the process that gives exceptional image quality. The backlight is a full array of fully modulated LED’s and with filtering provides full accuracy of Blacks, Color and Grayscale. Perhaps the most innovative feature of the monitor,” the Academy states, “is its ability to accurately display the full latitude of today’s high-end digital cameras.” Sony Electronics for its BVM E250 OLED Reference Monitor which, according to the Academy, “incorporates groundbreaking processing and imaging capabilities designed to truly replace CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) in critical viewing”; and “has transcended the other panels, including CRT’s in resolution, colorimetry, black level, magnetism and weight.”

The winner of the Academy’s Engineering Plaque–which honors achievements that “exhibit a high level of engineering and are important to the progress of the industry” and that are “on a different level of technology and industry importance than the Emmy statuette”–is Adobe Systems for its Adobe Pass Viewer Authentication process. “Adobe Pass has been embraced widely by major US pay-TV operators and has enabled the rapid development and deployment of TV Everywhere applications and services to their customers and furthering the evolution of the television experience and digital content across multiple screens and device types,” the Academy states in its press materials. “Adobe Pass for CNN went live on and via the CNN iOS App in June, 2011. Since that date, over 150 pay-TV operators in the US have integrated with Adobe Pass so that their customers can access TV Everywhere content. Major live events that have been enabled by Adobe Pass in 2012 include: The Olympics (NBC) where the company counted more than 88 million authenticated streams during the Games, March Madness (Turner), Euro Soccer Cup (ESPN), NBA Playoffs (ESPN), and live news coverage (CNN). These 150 pay-TV operators represent over 97% of all pay-TV households in the US. On the programmer side, there are over 40 live sites and apps from leading media companies including but not limited to Viacom, NBCU, Fox, Disney, ESPN, Cartoon Network and Scripps Networks that depend on Adobe Pass for viewer authentication and enabling their TV Everywhere experiences for consumers.” The 64th Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards will be presented on Wednesday, October 24th, at a ceremony at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, that will be hosted by actress, Olivia Munn.


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