Announces Major New Initiative:Camera-to-Cloud (C2C)

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Frameio CameraToCloudIn a highly polished launch video, Co-founder Emery Wells and Global Senior VP of Innovation Michael Cioni detailed their latest cloud workflow technology. was already a well established cloud-based video review and approval platform, but they are now taking it a large step forward.  Called simply “Camera to Cloud”, it instantly uploads proxies from on-set cameras and sound recorders to editors and other creatives.  This allows for near real-time delivery of editable proxy files to a producer, dailies facility, or an editor anywhere in the world.  Dailies can be sunk up automatically via matching TC in the cloud and a Colorist can make adjustments quickly so that corrected dailies can be distributed minutes after the material is shot.  Later, automated conform can also be integrated for extremely fast turnarounds.

Camera to Cloud (C2C), also allows authenticated users to stream images from on-set cameras to creative teams anywhere in the world to view on their computers, iPhones, or iPads. This enables them to participate remotely, which is especially ideal while working during COVID, as it greatly reduces the number of people needed on set. Traditionally, getting footage from a camera into post-production was a time-consuming process that required backing up files, transferring them to a hard drive, and shipping them to another facility. C2C eliminates that, letting customers simultaneously view a live stream of footage as it is being shot, while automatically capturing and uploading proxies as soon as the camera stops rolling.

These abilities are the result of a collaboration between several technology providers including Teradek, Sound Devices, and Colorfront.  Several major camera manufacturers are also onboard including Panavision, ARRI, and Sony, with many others to soon be added to the list.  Teradek CUBE 655 and Sound Devices 888 or Scorpio recorders will record, encode, and send timecode-accurate H.264 proxy files with matching filename metadata directly to via an encrypted and secure connection using LTE, 5G or WiFi. The company is also opening up their API to other manufacturers interested in building C2C Certified software and hardware, (for details visit C2C is a highly secure platform with full TPN and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. Created by the MPAA and CDSA, TPN is the global, industry-wide initiative that defines requirements and best practices for protecting content. Combined with rigorous access controls, C2C is a very safe way to share media with authorized viewers and collaborators.

C2C features are included at no additional charge for customers with a paid account. Flexible, new monthly enterprise plans let customers and studios purchase the service they need for the duration of their production. C2C is currently in beta and will ship this spring. Customers can apply to participate in the beta program at the website. Live streaming features will be available later in 2021.

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