Final DCI Specification Announced

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After over three years of testing, evaluation, and contemplation, the seven major studios that make up DCI, (Disney, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.), have settled on a technological blue print for the implantation of Digital Cinema. The idea is to help theatrical equipment manufacturers create uniform and compatible digital cinema delivery and projection systems to avoid the format conflicts that can hamper technological progress, such as the current High Def DVD “Wars”, (see next news item). According to DCI’s Walt Ordway, These specifications should provide a common ground to spur innovation and encourage many more players who were previously resistant to invest capital in technology that may or may not have been viable. And as the market gets more competitive, the price of the equipment and its installation – previously thought to be a major barrier to digital cinema – will become increasingly affordable, to the point where that stumbling block should no longer be of consequence. Studios, exhibitors, and most important of all, the audiences who love movies will now be able to enjoy all the benefits and possibilities that digital cinema offers. Details of how the exhibition side transition will be financed are still sketchy, but with the specification in place, these major studios will begin simultaneous release of their theatrical product in both digital and 35mm print.

DCI Press Release

DCI Digital Cinema System Specification v1



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