Dolby Vision Puts Emphasis more on Quality than Quantity of Pixels

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Dolbyvision 0114Challenging the notion of higher and higher resolution is Dolby, with their end to end system called Dolby Vision.  While not opposed to 4-or-More-K, their message with Dolby Vision seems to be about putting the emphasis on the quality of the pixels by increasing brightness, color space, and dynamic range, rather than the sheer number of pixels.

Working with partners like FilmLight, the system is agnostic as to acquisition format, and would encode new or archived content, then deliver it all the way to the home display with greatly improved quality and control.  It is difficult to discern from our streaming coverage, but it is quite impressive to view first hand.

It will take a lot of industrywide integration, (Postproduction, Broadcasters, Cable Operators, Display Manufacturers, etc.,) and is not something you’ll see implemented immediately, but it could be a promising future technology.  What Filmmaker wouldn’t want their content delivered this way, with improved visual quality along with metadata to help insure the picture is displayed as intended all the way to the home?

For more on Dolby Vision, please view our NAB interview with Dolby’s Roland Vlaicu and Peter Postma from FilmLight, available here:


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