Digital Cinema Show Episode III Now Streaming Interviews with Cioni, Goi, and Daviau

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DCShowEp3 MainTitleEpisode III of the Digital Cinema Show has now been posted and is available to view from the DCS website. It features interviews recorded at the last Cine Gear Expo including with LightIron’s Michael Cioni discussing such technology trends as Anamorphic and the value of 8K.  We also caught up with renowned Cinematographer Michael Goi, ASC. Michael is a past President of the ASC and one of the busiest guys in town, shooting and now directing some of the post popular shows on Television. He discusses the trajectory and his philosophy toward his very successful career. And to wrap things up we reached into our archives for a short interview segment with the legendary DP, Allen Davaiu, ASC. Allen comments on the archival value of having a film master with a story about the 20th anniversary re-release of “ET”.

VideoDevicesPIXWe could not bring you this content without the continued support of our sponsors, and in particular Video Devices, the maker of the new PIX-E series of 4K Recording Monitors, who contributed toward this episode.  We also need to acknowledge our many volunteer DCS crew members including Producer David Mahlmann, Cinematographers Cameron Canon, Don Platon, Conrad Hunziker, III, as well as for audio recording and post production, the versatile Christopher Scott Knell.  Thanks also to Cine Gear Expo for providing the production venue for this episode’s interviews.

The coverage is accessible from the Digital Cinema Show link on the DCS homepage or visit:


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