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THE 2017 DCS Online Silent Auction is NOW CLOSED! Winners will be notified within 24 hours. Thank you to all who bid, and to all the companies who donated Silent Auction prizes.

Silent Auction Items:

Item #1 — Blackmagic Video Assist 4K Recorder/Monitor

VideoAssist4K 3QtrLeft rgbWith a bright 7 inch monitor that’s larger than the built in screen on most cameras, Blackmagic Video Assist 4K makes it easier to frame your shots and get absolutely perfect focus! The dual built in high speed UHS-II recorders use commonly available SD cards to record HD and Ultra HD video as professional 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD files. Unlike DSLRs, which record heavily compressed files that are hard to use with video software, Video Assist 4K records professional, 10 bit broadcast quality files such as ProRes and DNxHR that are compatible with all leading video software so you can start editing immediately, without time wasting file conversions!

More info available at the Blackmagic Design website:  https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicvideoassist
MSRP of $895.00 — with a FINAL BID of $XXXX

Item #2 — 1 Year Membership to ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD

Adobe creative suite logo 300x296An annual membership to Adobe® Creative Cloud™gives you a full year access to the entire collection of CS tools and more. Plus, Creative Cloud members automatically get access to new products and exclusive updates as soon as they’re released. And, with cloud storage and the ability to sync to any device, your files are always right where you need them. See all the top new features here:


MSRP of $599.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXX


Item #3 — Litepanels Lykos Bi-Color

Lykos2Building off the popular ASTRA 1×1 LED design the Lykos Bi-color offers a perfect compact lighting solution for a variety of applications.  The Lykos offers the same high color rendition that the popular Astra family of next generation LED panels are known for using the same LEDs that are paired with the same optics. Like all Litepanels lighting, the Lykos is capable of 0-100% dimming with no color shift and is flicker free at any frame rate or shutter angle at any intensity. Its compact form factor makes it great for travel and offers the intensity of the original 1×1 which revolutionized the lighting industry. Remotely control the Lykos with optional Bluetooth Dongle for wireless control via Apple devices and the SmartLite App. You can also run these portable lights on battery with optional Sony L series batteries.

More information can be found at:  http://www.Litepanels.com

MSRP of $515.00 and a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #4 — OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual 10.0TB RAID Solution, Mac/PC/Thunderbolt 2/USB 3.1

OWCmep dual sideThe Dual Drive Professional Hardware RAID from OWC is the next generation RAID solution for creative workflows, project archives, and system backups. Inside are two drives, easily configured in RAID 0, 1, span, or independent mode. In RAID 0 you’ll experience the maximum sustained throughput from your drives with speeds up to 474MB/s, fast enough to support compressed 4K workflows. Configure the Mercury Elite Pro Dual with Thunderbolt 2 technology in RAID 1 mode and enjoy instant mirroring of your data. Experience the freedom to create without wait or worry. Mercury Elite Pro Dual with Thunderbolt 2 technology features two Thunderbolt 2 ports, one USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, and all of the cables you need for use with almost any system. For more information, please visit: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/TB2U3MED10T/

MSRP of $699.00 and a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #5 — Fiilex P180E compact LED and D tap cable

P180 topimg 01The Fiilex P180E is a revolutionary on/off camera light that can go to the extreme reaches of the world to chase the perfect story anywhere. Durable and powered by AC or broadcast battery, this compact ENG light withstands the elements to work as beautifully in freezing northern Canada as it does in the humid Amazon. The P180E features high CRI that brings color to life and the dimmable, color tunable light makes those indoor/outdoor transitions seamless, matching to daylight or tungsten sources with just the turn of a dial. Whether mounted on your camera or used in a traditional interview set-up, this brilliant LED works hard so you don’t have to. For more information, please visit: http://fiilex.com/products/P180E.php

MSRP of $495.00 + $29 D-Tap — FINAL BID of $XXXX


Items #6 — Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic design dv resstud davinci resolve 1452639014000 1196612DaVinci Resolve combines professional non-linear video editing with the world’s most advanced color corrector so now you can edit, color correct, finish and deliver all from one system! DaVinci Resolve is completely scalable and resolution independent so it can be used on set, in a small studio or integrated into the largest Hollywood production pipeline! From creative editing and multi camera television production to high end finishing and color correction, only DaVinci Resolve features the creative tools, compatibility, speed and legendary image quality you need to manage your entire workflow, which is why it is the number one solution used on Hollywood feature films.

More info available at the Blackmagic Design website:

NEW MSRP of $299.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #7 — Rosco RoscoLED Tape Gaffers Kit

Rosco GafferKitThe RoscoLED Gaffer Kit provides quick and versatile solutions for the most challenging lighting situations. Combining color-correct strips of durable LED tape with simple plug-and-play connections offers filmmakers fast, easy set-up that minimizes the downtime between takes. The kit is available in Tungsten (3000K), Daylight (5600K), and tunable VariWhite configurations and contains multiple, short strips of High CRI (>90) LEDs that have a protective silicone coating for repeated use indoors or outdoors. Operating on 12VDC, the RoscoLED Tape found in this kit works seamlessly with our LitePad product-range to offer a broad range of illumination options.
See more at:  http://us.rosco.com/en/product/roscoled-tape-gaffer-kits

MSRP of $599.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #8 — Zacuto VCT Plate

Z vct 5The VCT Pro has a built-in, curved shoulder pad and an Arri M6 rosett for accessories and grips. It come with quick-release, extendable 6.5″ rods at the front, and lightweight spaced quick-release rod ports at the back. The v-wedge tripod connector is compatible with VCT14 tripod adapter plates or use the 1/4 20 and 3/8 16 screw holes for direct connect to your tripod quick release plate.  The red sliding top plate offers easy adjust-ability for lens changes, removing your camera, and balancing your rig correctly on your shoulder. This sliding plate combined with a double screw track offers 10” of camera balance sliding range. You can quickly release your camera from the rig by sliding the red plate completely off and using our VCT Pro Dock to quickly transition it to a tripod, slider, etc. The VCT Universal Baseplate is the core of our Next Generation Recoil rigs, designed for balance and comfort for every camera.  For more details visit the Zacuto website: http://store.zacuto.com/vct-universal/

MSRP of $650.00 and a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #9 — OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini 480GB Bus-Powered Storage Solution, Mac/PC/USB 3.1

MercurydualminifrontThe Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini is the latest high-performance portable RAID from OWC. Packing dual-drive, USB 3.1 Gen 2 performance into a portable, bus-powered form factor, this is the perfect drive for high demand applications on the go. With ample capacities, no matter where you are, Elite Pro Dual mini delivers the performance and flexibility to meet the most extreme workflow requirements for pros working with rich media content. The Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini features easily user selectable modes RAID 0 and RAID 1. Choose the configuration that suits your needs. In RAID 0, experience blistering data transfer speeds up to 738MB/s. Or select RAID 1 for greater data redundancy from mirrored disks. For more information, please visit: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/MEMDC2SSD0.5/

MSRP of $399.00 and a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Items #10 and #11– AJA T-Tap Thunderbolt to HD/SDI or HDMI Adaptor

Aja t tap
AJA’s T-TAP® provides an inexpensive, extremely compact device that utilizes the power of Thunderbolt™ to deliver 10-bit, SD, HD and 2K output and embedded audio output from any compatible Mac or PC. Because T-TAP is powered via the Thunderbolt™ connection, there’s no need for an additional power supply, minimizing cabling and maximizing portability. Visit the AJA website for more details: https://www.aja.com/en/products/t-tap
MSRP of $295.00 each item with a FINAL BID of $XXXX each item


Item # 12 — BBS Lighting Pipeline Remote Phosphor 1′ LED w/Dimmer

BBS Pipeline1FtIn a convenient cylindrical form factor in length of 1′, the Pipeline remote phosphor provides ultra-high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) soft light that is controllable and dimmable with no color shift or flickering.  Among Pipeline’s numerous advantages are low power draw, high light output, wide light dispersion, heatless and fan-less operation. The Pipes are available in 3200K, 4300K or 5600K outputs and the winning bidder will have their choice of color temperature.

To find out more: http://www.bbslighting.com/products/pipeline-rp-led-system
MSRP of  $300.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item # 13 — Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage v.2

239000 directors monitor cage v2 21The Director’s Monitor Cage v2 is engineered to be universally compatible with any monitor up to 9 inches (measured diagonally) and attaches via top, bottom, or rear 1/4-20 mounting locations. Newly designed main brackets also allow direct mounting to the rear of Convergent Design Odyssey and Apollo.
DMCv2 kitAn included sun shade is adaptable to most monitors and snaps directly to the cage frame. The bottom of the shade is made of velcro, which can be adjusted to the proper width of the monitor and an included loop piece can be used to hook onto the bottom of the cage for a more permanent mounting of the shade.  Vertical and side-by-side mounting of two monitors is also possible with the Dual Director’s Monitor Cage v2!More details will be available at the Wooden Camera website: https://www.woodencamera.com/directors-monitor-cage-v2-p/239000.htm

MSRP of $299.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item # 14 — Two VIP All Access Badges to New Media Film Festival

NewMediaFFThe 8th Annual New Media Film Festival will take place June 6-8 2017 at the Landmark Theaters located 10850 W. Pico Blvd in Los Angeles. Last year’s festival screened 127 New Media Films & Content from 37 countries with 55 World premieres and numerous special events and Industry panels. (DCS will host a special VR Technology panel). Badge holders will enjoy full access including:
• Red Carpet • VIP Soiree • Live Music • Screenings • Web Series Superstar Panel • Technology Panel • Opening Night Programming • Awards Ceremony • Networking Lounge • International Art Exhibit • New Media Marketing Table • Q&As • Audience Awards.  The more details, please visit:  http://newmediafilmfestival.com
MSRP of $298.00, ($149 each) with a FINAL BID of $XXXX for Both Badges


Item #15 — K-Tek Boom Kit – KEG-54 Avalon Graphite Boom Pole with K-MT Universal Shock Mount

KEG54 rotatedThe K-Tek KEG-54 is the newest of the Avalon Graphite Boom Poles, which is crafted from the same high-density graphite used in the Klassik line with the same goal of balancing maximum strength and minimum weight. Made from the best materials available and featuring high-reliability collars and a unique “captive collet” coupling system, the uncabled KEG-54 is made up of a total of 3 graphite telescoping sections that lock in place securely between 1′ 10″ to 4′ 6″ (0.56-1.37m). Weight: 0.5 lbs (227g).

KMTThe K-MT features K-SUS 4-point polymer Microphone Suspender in a machined aluminum frame. It combines the ruggedness of a shock mount with the isolation characteristics of more expensive suspension systems providing suspension and vibration absorption to any shotgun mic. Weight: 3.38 oz (96g).  For more details visit the K-Tek website: http://www.ktekbooms.com/audio

Package MSRP of $339.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #16 — K-Tek Boom Kit – KE-60 Avalon Boom Pole with K-MT Universal Shock Mount

KE60rotatedThe K-Tek KE-60 is the newest of the Avalon Aluminum Boom Poles, which is crafted from black anodized aluminum with a smooth finish, the Avalon® aluminum poles extend and collapse with ease. The locking system is identical to that of the Avalon Graphite poles allowing for a gentle twist of the collar for loosening and tightening. Made from the best materials available and featuring high-reliability collars and a unique “captive collet” coupling system, the uncabled KE-60 is made up of a total of 2 telescoping sections that lock in place securely between 2′ 10″ to 5′ 0″ (0.86-1.52m). Weight: 0.69 lbs (312g).

KMTNote: Item #18 also includes Tthe K-MT features the K-SUS 4-point polymer Microphone Suspender described above.

MSRP of $219.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Items #17 — One hour of one-on-one Business Consultation with The Shindler Perspective

ShindlerLogoDCS Advisory Board member, Marty Shindler is CEO of The Shindler Perspective, a husband and wife consulting practice with strong industry experience and educational credentials. Their backgrounds include Big 4 consulting/CPA firm experience, top 5 business graduate school with work experience at 20th Century Fox, MGM, Industrial Light & Magic and Kodak’s Cinesite. This auction is for a 1 hour session of one to one consultation to discuss your business ideas, planning, challenges or other topics of your choosing. See iShindler.com for the types of projects in which they have been involved, the companies they have worked with, complete credentials, and check out their informative eNewsletter.

Value of the hour is $350 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX.


Item #18 — Redrock Micro microFollowFocus Professional Series

RedrockFollowFocusThe microFollowFocus Black Professional Series is a new generation of follow focus units that lead the way in price and performance. The Black Professional Series line incorporates professional designs and technologies to deliver a solid, accurate, highly repeatable follow focus ideal for professional level productions. The microFollowFocus Black can be used with still lenses (with proper gearing such as our microLensGears) and cinema lenses. Play-free performance Integrated hard stops have easy begin/end setups for fast repeatable racking
which makes focusing lenses that have no hard stops (such as Canon EOS lenses) much easier. The 3D marking disk allows you to view your focus marks from many angles. All-aluminum precision machined construction, inside and out with Industry-standard, all-metal machined accessory port for adding focus whip or speed crank as needed. For more information, please visit: https://shop.redrockmicro.com/product/microfollowfocus-professional-series/

MSRP of $795.00 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Item #19 — 2 Anton Bauer Digital 90GM Batteries with a LP2 Dual Charger

AB Dig90BattsThe Anton Bauer Digital Battery Series is designed to power contemporary digital productions with safety, performance and reliability in a sleek, ergonomic design.  The easy to Read LCD Display conveniently reports run-time in hours and minutes when attached to a device. The display automatically changes to show battery charge as a percentage of full when not attached to a device or when no load is placed on the battery.  Ergonomically designed with rubber over mold to grip and cushion shock.  Electrically and mechanically safe with multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states making these the safest batteries on the market.

AB ChargerThe revolutionary LP2 Dual Gold Mount Charger supports the Digital Battery Series and features an efficient charging algorithm for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging. The algorithm ensures rapid charging while conserving energy, eliminating waste, and reducing total cost of ownership. The low profile design enables stackability for strategic storage.  (Note: charges two batteries simultaneously, but does not include a power supply).

For more information, please visit:  http://www.antonbauer.com/en-US/Shop/products/on-camera-batteries-digital-90-gold-mount-battery-8675-0092

MSRP of $299.00 per battery and $859 for the charger for a total of $1,457 with a FINAL BID of $XXXX


Items #20 and #21 — 360fly 360° HD Camera (donated by VER)

360FlyPackageThe 360fly 360° HD Video Camera allows for capturing and sharing a 360 degree horizontal view of the surrounding environment, (a complete sphere minus a space at the bottom). Featuring a single, ultra-fisheye lens that utilizes a 240-degree field of view, the camera records and streams a circular wrap-around view of its surroundings without seams or stitches. Its ruggedized body is waterproof down to one ATM (32′), dust-proof, and shockproof. The camera works in concert with the free 360fly app for both iOS and Android. Once the app is installed on your phone, you’ll use it as your all-in-one viewfinder, remote, and editing device. Up to 3 hours of HD-quality video can be stored on the device’s 32GB of built-in storage or used for live streaming via the free Livit mobile app. Everything you need to start capturing and sharing comes with the camera, including mounts, mic, and baseplates. For more information about the camera visit: https://www.360fly.com

VER whiteBGFor more on VER, a premiere provider of gear for TV, Cinema, Live Music, and Sports, who generously donated this offering, please visit their website at: https://www.ver.com

Items #20 and #21 — 360fly 360° HD Camera (donated by VER)

MSRP of $299.00 each item with a FINAL BID of $XXX for item #20 and a FINAL BID of $XXX for item #21

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Again, please specify the item, description, and price you would like to offer along with your current contact details.

More Items may be added throughout the auction, and we will try to update as we are able, so check back often. We will do our best, but please know that this is no eBay. No offer of solicitation of any merchandise at any particular price is expressed or implied. Thanks for bidding!



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