DCS PodCast: New Digital Field Recording Options

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We’re trying something new with the web coverage of our last DCS event by offering it as a PodCast. Download the .mp3 audio file at:

With the current scarcity of SR tape and so many new tapeless solutions coming on the market, The Digital Cinema Society took the opportunity of so many experts gathered together at Cine Gear Expo to explore the many new tapeless solutions now available to the Filmmaker. Hear representatives from S.two, AJA, Convergent Design, CineFLOW, Sony and Panasonic discuss their product features, examine the industry’s overall digital transition, and the implications for archive and long term storage. Expert panelist in this one hour program include Tony Cacciarelli from AJA, Marker Karahadian from CineFLOW, Mike Schell from Convergent Design, Doug Leighton from Panasonic, Ted White from S.two, and Peter Crithary from Sony. The discussion is moderated by DCS President, James Mathers.


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