DCS Event: Canon C700 FF with Codex Workflow

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DCS C700FF Aug2018x600In this documentary coverage of our August 1st event at Canon Burbank, we examine the C700 family of cameras, the C700 FF for Full Frame, C700 GS for Global Shutter and the standard C700 with the Super 35 sensor. We shot and screened tests comparing the various special features of the cameras. We also got an in-depth presentation on Codex workflow, as well as a good look at Canon’s new home in Burbank, CA.

Presenting for Canon are Michael Bravin and Tim Smith with Brian Gaffney and Michael Booth representing Codex. Our DCS crew includes Producer, David Mahlmann, Cinematographer Cameron Cannon, Sound Recordist Christopher Scott Knell, and On-Camera Lighting Model, Meghan Mathers. James Mathers served as Host and handled all post production.  Special thanks to Canon’s Amy Kawadler, Charles Zablan, and Hannah Berg.

To View on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/283346562

DishfulOfDollarsTitleCardViewers may also be interested in seeing a short film lensed by Nancy Schreiber, ASC with the C700 FF that was referenced in our coverage:  https://vimeo.com/265422184



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