DCS Event : A.C.E.S Explored – June 12th at Panasonic Hollywood Lab

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Extremely valuable work has been underway by a committee of the Science and Technology Council for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to standardize image control throughout digital workflows. Known as ACES, an acronym for Academy Color Encoding System, it will provide a framework for digital image encoding, transforms, and recommended practices to enable a more standardized processing of digital images. Sharing of accurate color-correction information between different facilities, systems, and file formats from a variety of cameras will aid collaboration throughout the industry.
Presenters include Industry Post Production Technologists Jim Houston, David McClure from MTI Film, and Joseph Slomka from FotoKem.
Cinematographer David Stump, ASC will explain how the system was used on the recent Image-Control Assessment Series, finished in ACES.
Wednesday evening June 12th from 7PM to 9:00PM.
. Doors open at 6:30PM for a Meet & Greet with Lite Refreshments.
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