DCS @ Cine Gear Expo 2023 – Cine Lens Panel and HBO Camera Assessment Series Screening

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If you’re attending Cine Gear Expo 2023 you will not want to miss two great events the Digital Cinema Society is hosting.  The first will be our:

DCS Focus on Cine Lenses from the Buyer’s POV

Friday, June 2, 2023, 3:45pm – 4:45pm, Cine Gear Expo, Screening Room #5 (upstairs from the Sherry Lansing Theater), Paramount Studios, Hollywood
The Digital Cinema Society will once again hold our popular examination of the Cinema Lens market at Cine Gear Expo with a concentration on choosing the right lenses to invest in. We’ll see what’s new from some of the top lens manufacturers and how they are reacting to the latest trends such as growing sensor sizes, choosing character vs. optical perfection, metadata, anamorphic cinematography and more. If you’re thinking of investing in Cine Lenses, this event is tailored for you. Companies invited to participate include, (in alphabetical order): Angénieux, ARRI, Canon, Cooke, Fujinon, Infinity Photo-Optical, Leitz, Sigma, Tokina, and ZEISS.
All Cine Gear Expo registered attendees are welcome to attend on a first come, first served basis.


ZEISS Cinematography and DCS invite you to a special screening of the HBO Camera Assessment Series

Saturday June 3rd, 5:00 pm, in the Cine Gear Expo, Paramount Theatre

The HBO Camera Assessment Series, started over 10 years ago, was created to assist producers, directors, and cinematographers across the entire Warner Brothers Discovery family to select the most appropriate capture system for their productions.  The goal of these highly objective and format agnostic tests is not to determine which camera system is “best”, but which best matches the needs of each individual production.

These tests highlight common shooting situations and scenarios that are traditionally difficult to photograph. By staging complex and real-life scenarios, encountered by real shows, and shooting them with the latest high end imaging tools, the strengths and weaknesses of each camera system are revealed allowing filmmakers to make educated decisions for their projects.  ZEISS Cinematography lenses were exclusively employed and the camera systems tested include:

  • Sony VENICE 2
  • Blackmagic URSA 12K
  • Kodak 5219 Film

The Digital Cinema Society is extremely grateful to the producers for sharing their work and to ZEISS Cinematography for sponsoring this special screening. DCS Founder James Mathers will moderate a Q&A following the screening with the HBO CAS team including:

Suny Behar – Director/DP, HBO Camera Assessment Series, 2011-2023
Stephen Beres – HBO SVP of Production Operations – HBO CAS Executive Producer 2011-2023, (WB-Discovery)
Erik Hansen – HBO VP Media & Production Services – (WB-Discovery)

All Cine Gear Expo registered attendees are welcome to attend on a first come, first served basis.  A trailer and more details are available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPs-7CaDKjQ


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