DCS Announces New Website Featuring DCS Illuminates, Current & Archival Streaming plus a Comprehensive Calendar of Events

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The DCS is proud to unveil our new and improved website.  Highlights include the DCS Illuminates Cinema Lighting portal, a comprehensive International Events Calendar, as well as a graphic refresh of the entire site with better organization of our vast archive of event and trade show coverage going back almost 20 years to the dawn of Digital Cinema.

DCS Illuminates:  Online Cinema Lighting Knowledge on Demand

The Digital Cinema Society already possessed a vast archive from our past Cinema Lighting Expos and workshops with scores of interviews and practical demos with world renowned cinematographers and other industry experts. We have added to this trove of high quality content with new custom demos and gear evaluations as well as curated content submitted by our supporters that we think will be of particular interest to lighting professionals.  Current featured content includes A Road Test of the Cineo ReFlex r15, a review of the Rotolight Titan with Roy Wagner, ASC, and an educational overview of the latest lighting control technology we call DMX for DP’s.  Other currently featured content includes Lighting Miniatures with Dedolight, Commercial Lighting Basics with ARRI’s Art Adams, and an exploration of the ROSCO RDX Lab System.  Take a tour of DCS Illuminates at: https://dcsonline.org/dcs-illuminates/

DCS International Calendar of Events

Our new calendar is a multi-page portal heralding upcoming Industry happenings, both In-person and/or online, locally and around the world.  Just a button click gains you easy access to notices of “Trade Shows, Festivals & International Events,” “Online Events,” our very own “DCS Events”, and local events in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.”  Make sure to check in often as we’ll be updating the calendar as new events come in. We also hope to add more cities soon. Bookmark the calendar at: https://dcsonline.org/calendar/

Other links from the homepage include “Newsletter” which will take you to the current edition of the full monthly DCS eNewsletter, “News” takes you to the latest news items, and “Essays,” which features an archive of James Mathers’ monthly column, “One DP’s Perspective.” Of course, you can always find our latest streaming content such as the “DCS Exploration of Large Sensor Cinematography,” “Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of Covid,” and “Three DPs Explore Micro/Macro Cinematography,” plus our latest event coverage, as well as our streaming coverage of NAB and Cine Gear Expo.

So, dive right in at www.DCSonline.org and see what’s new. We’re very proud of the new DCS website and hope you will be too.


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