Core Introduces the MoXIE Solo for Dependable and Portable On-location Power and Emergency Backups

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Core has introduced the MoXIE SoloMobile, Exchangeable, Intelligent Energy solution. The unit is designed to provide dependable power to replace noisy, fume spewing putt-putt generators for on-location shoots, remote film sets, and emergency backups. The MoXIE Solo compact unit delivers 3.6kW AC output with simultaneous DC outputs and is compatible with two distinct cell packs, each with unique advantages. The “Vita” cell is a 3kWh LifePO4 battery known for its robustness and impressive cycle life of over 4,000 cycles. The “Kodiak” cell is a 2kWh Sodium Ion battery that excels in extreme cold, operating efficiently in temperatures as low as -40°F.

Additionally, the MoXIE Solo offers multiple DC outputs (15v, 28v, and 48v), each capable of handling up to 16A each. This capability makes the MoXIE Solo well suited for operating DC input production devices nearby, while not requiring additional power supplies on set and for consistent power of cinematic production accessories or in a remote location requiring reliable energy. Two power tap 14v outputs, along with USBC PD and USBA ports are also included for powering and charging mobile devices and performing firmware updates.

The MoXIE Solo is also equipped with two expansion ports, allowing for the connection of additional MoXIE cell packs directly to the unit, thereby expanding its capacity. This feature enables hot-swapping as well as boosting capacity up to 9kWh of power by coupling three Vita Cell packs. The mating ports on the battery packs serve as external charge ports when not charging through the MoXIE Solo system.

Measuring just 16” x 17” x 24” and weighing only 121lbs (with either cell installed), the MoXIE Solo delivers the same power as a Honda 5k gas generator, weighing over 200lbs. This makes the MoXIE Solo not only a greener and more sustainable alternative but also significantly more portable. The battery cell pack can be removed, reducing the unit’s weight to a manageable 59lbs, with the cell pack itself weighing 61lbs. This modularity enhances portability and ease of transport, allowing one person to easily manage the setup and breakdown of the unit. It can be transported in a car or small production van without the need for a lift gate or forklift, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go use. For more details visit:


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