Core Helix Max Batteries are Native Dual Voltage Operating Natively in Both 14v and 28v

by | Mar 28, 2024 | News | 0 comments

With some new Digital Cinema cameras, (notably the ARRI Alexa 35,) operating at 28v, as well as many larger LED lighting instruments, Core has designed their Helix Max batteries to work natively at either 14v or 28v. This means that they can power high and low voltage gear with a single type of battery making it easier on set and more cost effective than having multiple sets of different types of batteries and chargers. Once connected to a Helix V/G-mount or ARRI® B-mount plate, the pack switches from a parallel cellular arrangement to a series arrangement to provide high voltage. Once removed from the Helix or B-mount plate, the packs switch back to a parallel cellular arrangement instantly so they can be used on all standard 14v equipment along with chargers. For more information on all Core products visit:


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