CARTONI Introduces A New Line of Advanced Encoded Fluid Heads and Innovative Accessories

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To premiere at NAB 2024, CARTONI has introduced a new line of Advanced Encoded Fluid Heads including the Lifto Twin and Pedestal HP Series. In an industry first, the company has integrated positional tracking into its fluid heads, jibs, and Lambda 25 nodal head. This is ideal for VFX and Virtual Production applications. With encoders placed directly on the rotation shaft, Cartoni supports ensure precise angular readings. Data is presented in a simple open protocol, compatible with any image composition software. These encoded E-Heads not only assist sophisticated special effects, visual effects, and similar applications, but also provide precise tracking of remote cameras, ensuring accuracy with zero delay in response. 

Positional metadata is accessible to any processor or can be channelled by the Cartoni VR Box, which features a specialized electronic interface compatible with virtual engines, consolidating optical data collected from the lens in a single stream. The Lifto 25 motorized elevation column now offers enhanced PTZ options to control one or multiple cameras with additional vertical movement and plug-and-play interface to leading PTZ consoles such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc.. The Lifto 25 Controller can manage up to five Lifto 25 units, facilitating speed variation and integrating control within the console or with any separate game controller joystick or pedal. It can also be remotely connected via an ethernet grid to remotely interface with most PTZ consoles. The dedicated software is equipped for motion programming and virtual interface. The Lifto 25 is now evolving to offer even higher elevation with Lifto Twin. By coupling a double elevation unit, the Lifto Twin reaches 14.5 ft (440 cm) with a stroke of 4.3 in (132 cm) and an increased speed of 3 in/s (75 mm/s). The speed is now variable and multiple positions can be programmed and connected via ethernet.

Cartoni will also be showing several new innovative accessories including a rail clamp support for 75/100mm bowl base heads. Where space is lacking for tripod deployment, the Cartoni Rail Clamp allows head/camera systems to be safely secured to a banister, a truss or roll bar with two clamps that stably secure a compact hi-hat as head support. A ring facilitates the use of a safety steel cord to secure the camera. A second new accessory is the Rosette Extender, which can be fixed on the pan bar rosette attachment of Focus heads to increase the space between the pan bar and the mounted camera. By adding 45mm, the pan bar has more space from the camera. The Rosette Extender has multiple ¼ and 3/8“ threads to attach accessories such as microphones, monitors, lights, infrared trackers, etc.


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