Bright Tangerine Unveils New Axl Universal EVF Mount

by | Mar 28, 2021 | News | 0 comments

BrTrangerineAxlEVF 2Bright Tangerine has introduced the new Axl Universal EVF Mount.  Axl can be operated with a single knurled handle, allowing the user to quickly position and tighten the EVF in three different axis’ at once.  Other notable features include a rugged design, and high quality finish, laser-etched measurements to help you return to your favorite positions, and a ‘drop-free design’ which provides a fluid movement for the support arm. This prevents your EVF or monitor from flopping down, even when completely loosened.  The whole Axl bracket can also be removed along with the EVF without breaking down any other parts of the camera build.  Right now Axl kits are available for ARRI, ARRI Rosette, Canon EVF-V70, Canon LM- V2, Sony DVF-EL200 & Zacuto – while new adapters will continue to be made as new EVF models come to the market.  Product overview video:


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