Blackmagic Announces Free App Bringing Their Digital Film Camera Controls to the Apple iPhone

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Blackmagic Design has announced “Blackmagic Camera”, an app that brings Blackmagic digital film camera professional features and camera controls to the iPhone. Integration with Blackmagic Cloud allows creators to collaborate and share media with multiple editors and colorists around the world instantly.

Blackmagic Design’s user friendly interface allows the iPhone to be used in a fashion similar to a professional digital film camera. This means customers can adjust settings such as frame rate, shutter angle, white balance and ISO all in a single tap. The heads up display shows status and record parameters, histogram, focus peaking, levels, frame guides and more. Everything is interactive, allowing instantaneous visual change of settings without having to search through complex menus. Users can clear the heads up display to reveal the full screen image by swiping up or down with their finger.  Auto focus can be reset by tapping the screen in the area to be focused on. Users can shoot in 16:9 or vertical aspect ratios, plus customers can shoot 16:9 while holding the phone vertically if they want to shoot unobtrusively, (what Blackmagic terms “Stealth Mode”.)

There are also tabs for media management including uploading to Blackmagic Cloud, chat and access to advanced menus. Or record directly to Blackmagic Cloud in industry standard 10-bit Apple ProRes files up to 4K. Recording to Blackmagic Cloud Storage lets customers collaborate on DaVinci Resolve projects with editors anywhere in the world, all at the same time. The media tab has all the controls needed to browse or scrub clips for quick review, search and sort and view the upload status of their media. Customers can also link to their photos and select clips to upload to the Blackmagic Cloud. Integrating Blackmagic digital film camera control will also allow the iPhone to serve as a camera-to-cloud upload device. When shooting with Blackmagic Cameras, video capture can be instantly uploaded as a proxy file, followed by the camera originals, and saved to Blackmagic Cloud Storage. This means customers can start editing quickly using their proxies, speeding up their workflow.

Blackmagic Camera Features

  • Shoot in 16:9 or vertical aspect ratios.
  • Stealth mode for shooting 16:9 while holding phone vertically.
  • Capture in Apple ProRes, HEVC and H.264 with auto proxy generation.
  • Frame rate, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, tint and color space camera controls.
  • Focus assist, zebra, frame guides, histogram, 3D LUT monitoring.
  • Time of day or run time, timecode recording.
  • PCM, IEEE Float or AAC audio recording, 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rate.
  • VU or PPM audio meters.
  • Thumbnail view of all recorded clips in media tab.
  • Preview clips with scrubber, duration, timecode and file name display.
  • Fully integrated with Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve.
  • Record to iPhone, select recorded clips to share via Blackmagic Cloud or sync automatically. 

Blackmagic Camera is available now as a free download from the Apple App Store.


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