Best of DCS@NAB: Tools For DITs: Codex – Teradek – SmallHD – Acromove

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BestOfDCSatNAB2017 DIT
It’s not all about cameras and lenses for DCS at NAB. Highlighted here are companies that are making the job of the DIT easier and less worrisome with tools for monitoring and data management.


50 CODEX.00 05 07 09.Still003Brian Gaffney gives an update on Codex including the Vault XL and M-Series transport and long term archive solution, as well as ACES compliant workflows.



TERADEK.00 02 43 13.Still002Teradek’s Jon Landman describes their latest product known as Teradek View which leverages the wireless live viewing capabilities they’re famous for and feeds an iPad via WiFi to create a professional monitoring solution.  It has not only Frame Grab/Compare, Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope, Focus Assist, etc., but also the ability to quad view four feeds on the same monitor screen.  Transmission from the cameras is handled by their Teradek Serve product


SMALLHD.00 06 43 15.Still002Dale Backus, the CTO and Co-Founder of SmallHD tells about several new products and features including the Small HD “Focus” Monitor, a high-brightness 5” field monitor that offers Waveform, False Color, Focus Assist, 3D LUTs, and Pixel Zoom with touch screen that accepts an HDMI 4K signal for a price under $500.  He also shows updates to their 5” and 7” SDI and HDMI monitors that feature Ultra-bright, (2200+ Nits), great for outdoor viewing in uncontrolled situations.  Also demoed is a prototype director’s monitor built in conjunction with sister company Teradek that features two channel wireless HD with lots of powering options.  Dale also discusses their very high end larger monitors that now have all the abilities we’ve come to expect from SmallHD plus the option of P3 color space and very high-brightness to aid daylight viewing or for HDR monitoring.


ACROMOVE.00 13 08 07.Still003Evangelos Achillopoulos describes his new company, Acromove and their line of portable computing and storage systems especially designed for production and post in the field, including ThunderPack and ThunderPack Mini.  The packs feature many uninterruptible powering options, (even solar), and extremely rugged construction designed to stand up to hostile environments.


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