BB&S Lighting Introduces New Compact Bicolor Fresnel

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BB+S CompactBiColorBB&S Lighting has added a Compact Bicolor Fresnel to their family of Compact Beamlight LED fixtures. The small (5.5-in/14cm) Fresnel draws just 38W and outputs over 2400 lumens, tunable from 2700 to 5600°K. The new CFL features a genuine curved glass 90mm Fresnel lens for an even field distribution and sharper shadow rendering.  CFL outputs a hard-shadow beam that fades from 100% at center to 50% at the edges, making it well suited for mixing and overlapping with other lights while eliminating blinding glare. At 3.5-lb/1.6kg the fixture is easy to fit in small spaces, yet has enough output to make it useful as key, fill or backlight from 8 to 18 feet/3 to 6 meters.


The CFL’s zooming capability is operated via BB&S’ smart ring-controlled focus system with a range of 11-52 degrees. In addition to a generous focus range, the fixture offers silent operation thanks to a highly efficient heat dissipation rear section that eliminates the usual cooling fan system.  The light may be operated via the BB&S 4-Way Controller that can provide DMX 512/RDM to two fixtures simultaneously. The range of power options includes: 40W Driver/Dimmer with D-Tap cable (battery operation), 65W PSU (any voltage worldwide 110-270V) and locking AC cable.  Light control accessories include optional Rotating Magnetic Barndoors, Magnetic Top Hat and a Magnetic filter ring to easily add items like Magnetic Prismatic Ecliptic filters in 10×20°, 10×40° and 10×60°, as well as Lee 251, Quarter White, 253 Hampshire Frost and 450 3/8 diffusion.


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