ARRI Unveils Alexa 35 Live – Multicam System at NAB 2024

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ARRI has announced their plans to unveil their ALEXA 35 Live – Multicam System at NAB 2024. The idea is to bring the cinematic image quality of ARRI’s flagship ALEXA 35 camera to the world of live productions, including concerts, sports, corporate, talk shows, game shows, and more. The system is designed to integrate into existing live production environments, providing the full functionality of a system camera while retaining the flexibility of a dockable camera setup.

Th system combines the new ALEXA 35 Live camera, the new Live Production System LPS-1 (comprising a Fiber Camera Adapter and Fiber Base Station), the Skaarhoj RCP, and a slew of bespoke accessories. These include the new ARRI Touchdown base and receiver plates, an adjustable monitor yoke, an extra-long camera handle, a tally light with camera ID display, a rain cover, and a new, quick-fit ARRI Large Lens Adapter for unprecedentedly rapid setup with box lenses.

Highlights include:

  • Multicam System bringing Alexa 35 image quality into a wide range of live entertainment production solutions from ARRI
  • Seamless integration into live, multi-camera environments
  • Captures 17 stops of dynamic range and handles extreme lighting situations for the best results in SDR and HDR
  • ARRI cinematic image quality, with unique control of creative looks
  • Full-quality ProRes can be recorded in-camera during live productions, providing flexibility in post.
  • The in-camera recording also permits stand-alone operation of the camera, without the Fiber Camera Adapter.
  • System includes camera, fiber adapter, base station, RCP, and all necessary accessories
  • The modular lens mount can be switched between LPL, PL, EF, and B4, facilitating a wide choice of lenses for different applications.

Further details are available on the ARRI website:


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