ARRI makes ARRIRAW available for AMIRA

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B AMIRA ARRIRAWARRI has announced that it is enabling owners and operators of AMIRA cameras to record in ARRIRAW.  The change will involve the installation of the new Software Update Package SUP 5.3, and the purchase of a license. It will give cinematographers the option to record ARRIRAW 2.8K up to 48fps.  RAW recording formats have the ability to retain more color response and greater exposure latitude as uncompressed and unencrypted sensor data providing flexibility in postproduction and archiving.

Recording ARRIRAW to CFast 2.0 cards in the AMIRA wraps the files in an MXF container. The format is called MXF/ARRIRAW; (internally it is the same ARRIRAW already known from the ALEXA cameras), and is the only format that retains the camera’s native color response and exposure latitude.  The AMIRA is ARRI’s most affordable camera, and adding RAW recording to it’s other host of features, like CFast 2.0 workflows and ergonomic design will make for a camera that is suitable for a great variety of production types.  The upgrade license is currently available and is said to cost upwards of $3,500US.


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