ARRI Introduces Signature Zooms, 4 Lenses Cover 16mm-300mm 2.8, (up to 510mm w/1.7x Extender)

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ArriSignatureZoomsARRI has announced four new Signature Zoom lenses covering up to full frame and designed to perfectly match their extensive line of Signature Primes.  They offer a constant aperture of T2.8 across all four lenses, (no ramping,) with HDR compatibility, and up to 8K resolving power.  The four Signature Zooms, (along with a 1.7x extender for the 65-300mm,) cover an immense focal length range from 16mm all the way to 510 mm.

Arri signature zoom extender 1 7 front dataAll the zooms, as well as the extender, share the detachable magnetic rear filter holder, first introduced for the Signature Primes, allowing cinematographers to change and personalize the look of the entire Signature lens system without permanent alteration.  The new lenses and extender also share the advantages of a built-in ARRI LDS-2 Lens Data System; (note that many other extenders lose or corrupt metadata communication with the camera.)  The lenses are relatively light weight, (24-75mm @ 9lbs,) so that the wider versions can easily be handheld or used on Steadicam.  They also enjoy very close-focus distances.

The lenses come equipped with an LPL lens mount, but the Signature Zooms can be used with any large-format or Super 35 camera, from any manufacturer with the use of an adapter.  The 45-135 mm T2.8 and 65-300 mm T2.8 Signature Zooms will be released during Q1 2021, along with a dedicated 1.7x extender for the 65-300 mm that makes it a 110-510 mm T4.9. The 16-32 mm T2.8 and 24-75 mm T2.8 will be released later in the same year.

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