ARRI Introduces Zoom Main Unit ZMU-4 Control at NAB 2023

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ARRI has introduced the Zoom Main Unit ZMU-4, a modern version of their classic zoom control. Designed to be rugged, weather-resistant, and ergonomically streamlined, the ZMU-4 seamlessly transitions between wired and wireless configurations. With the launch of the Hi-5 hand unit, ARRI introduced the fifth generation of its Electronic Control System (ECS). Now, the ZMU-4 joins that new ecosystem, sharing the Hi-5’s swappable RF-EMIP, RF-2400, and upcoming RF-900 radio modules, with different frequencies for different territories and shooting situations.

In its most basic configuration, the ZMU-4 can control cforce motors via the LBUS connector without any wireless capability. The CAM connector opens the door to run/stop, camera control, and user button activation for ARRI and third-party cameras. Slotting a radio module into the ZMU-4 allows for transmitting and receiving radio signals from multiple ECS devices. When used as a radio receiver, the ZMU-4 performs the same role as the Radio Interface Adapter RIA-1, removing the need for an extra box on the camera body.

As well as expanding the wireless functionality on-camera, the ZMU-4 can also be paired with devices such as the ARRI OCU-1 or Master Grips to offer multi-axis control off-camera. The combination of ZMU-4 and OCU-1 could be used as a small, handheld or monitor-mounted zoom and iris control unit for a DP, for instance. The flexibility of the LBUS protocol and ARRI’s user buttons and Lens Data System offer a variety of possibilities for camera and lens control, and in the future the ZMU-4 will be able to control fourth and fifth-axis motor channels within the Hi-5 ecosystem providing future-proof connectivity and versatility, while also being backwards-compatible with all existing ARRI ECS equipment. The ARRI ZMU-4 is available to order now and will be shown at NAB 2023. For more information on the ARRI ZMU-4, please visit


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