ARRI Introduces Impression V Filters Offering a Range of Detuned Looks for Signature Lenses

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ARRI has introduced Impression V rear mount filters to offer a range of detuned looks for their Signature series lenses. Unlike traditional, front-mount diopters (close-focus filters), the Impression V filters alter the character of background highlights, creating customized, detuned looks with distinct characteristics. These magnetic rear-mount filters are divided into positive and negative lines, with each available in a series of four gradually stronger versions. This allows for incrementally shifting the focus characteristics of the image to create a range of detuned looks for either Super 35 or large format making a cost effective way to achieve multiple looks with a single lens.  All bokeh is affected by the Impression V Filters, but it is particularly noticeable in background highlights, which get more of a “donut” effect (bright around the edges) with negative filters, and more of a “bauble” effect (brighter in the middle) with positive filters. In general, the positive filters have a nostalgic, glamorous feel, with swirly bokeh, glowing skin tones, and softer backgrounds; while negative filters have a grittier look, with inward-pulling bokeh and intense, vibrant backgrounds.

The four positive Impression V Filters are named IV 070P, IV 140P, IV 230P, and IV 330P, while the four negative filters are IV 050N, IV 100N, IV 200N, and IV 290N. In both cases, the increasing numbers signify a stronger diopter effect. Impression V Filters are designed to be used at T1.8, where the effect is strongest and lens scales remain accurate. ARRI states that Impression V Filters work with its latest cameras: the ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA LF, and ALEXA 65. The filters are sold in a kit that contains all eight positive and negative diopters, as well as a shim set, an adjustable torque screwdriver for adding shims, and inscribable Velcro tabs for labeling filtered lenses on set, all packaged in a specially designed aluminum flight case. For more information on the ARRI Impression V Filters, including educational videos and footage, please visit


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