ARRI Announces New Stabilized Remote Head DEH-1 with Digital Encoder

by | Aug 20, 2019 | News | 0 comments

ARRI RemoteHeadARRI’s new Digital Encoder Head (DEH-1) is the latest edition to their Camera Stabilizer System range. Specifically designed to operate ARRI’s remote-controlled Stabilized Remote Head (SRH-3), the DEH-1 is a fluid head that interfaces with any Mitchell flat base tripod or support.  The traditional fluid head design is meant to give camera operators an intuitive and straightforward alternative to sophisticated hand wheels or joystick operation.

The new digital encoder head is also available with a complete set of Master Grips (focus and zoom) and the LBUS protocol allows for the Master Grips to be connected to the DEH-1 with just one cable, allowing easy setup. The DEH-1 also connects directly to the SRH-3’s remote control, with a single LBUS cable. All the values and parameters of the DEH-1, the Master Grips, and the OCU-1 are managed using the touch panel of the SRH-3 remote control. The entire system can be controlled centrally using a single device.  The DEH-1 will be available to ship soon at a price in the neighborhood of $10,000US.


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