Announcing DCS Factory Tours – First Stop: OWC HQ in Woodstock, IL

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DCShowFactoryTours. LOGO 3x600Even before we were on lock-down, many of us would search the web, do our research, and order technology products delivered right to our homes or businesses.  But did you ever wonder where these tools we use in our work come from?  We wanted to find out, so we started a new feature of the Digital Cinema Show that we’re calling “DCS Factory Tours”.

OWC DCS Logo160x100So far, we have traveled to see the headquarters of three leading manufacturers; to Woodstock, Illinois to visit the headquarters of OWC, to Oberkochen, Germany, where Zeiss lenses are manufactured, and to the Vitec factory in Bury St. Edmonds, England to see where OConnor and Sachtler tripods are made.

JenSouleFrontOfOWCThis first episode is devoted to OWC.  Invited by company Founder, Larry O’Connor, James Mathers gets a guided tour of the world headquarters of OWC in Woodstock, Illinois from the company’s President Jen Soulé. Future episodes, already in the can, will take us to the Zeiss factory in Germany, the Vitec factory in England, and when we are allowed to start traveling again, we are planning to visit FLUOTEC in Mexico and ETC in Wisconsin, so stay tuned and thanks for watching.  To view the first episode, please visit:


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