Angenieux Announces Convertible Long-Range Zooms — Anamorphic, Spherical, and Full Frame/Vista Vision

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42 420AngAngenieux will be showing off a new version of their 44-440mm PL mount zoom lens, the Optimo AS2.  The new lens is a T4.5 and retains the same physical dimensions and base optical design as the 44-440mm.  However, this lens has optional IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) Technology which allows the user to exchange the rear set of elements to configure different versions: a 24-240mm 2x Anamorphic, or a 25-250mm T3.5 Spherical zoom.

A2S Specs:


-FOCAL LENGTH: 44 – 440 mm

-APERTURE: T4.5, constant across zoom range with no ramping

-CLOSE FOCUS: 4 ft 1 in – 1.24 m


-IMAGE COVERAGE: 4 perf. scope+: 28.8 mm diagonal

-WEIGHT (APPROX.): 16.6 lbs – 7.55 kg

-LENGTH: 414 mm


-PL mount lens. Compatible with LPL mount. Additional lens mounts to come

AngFFVV Angenieux will also be showing their Optimo Ultra 12x FF/VV previously debuted at IBC.  Again, thanks to the IRO technology®, the lens can be configured in three different versions: S35 (Ø 31.1mm),  U35 (Ø 34.6mm) and  FF/VV (Ø 46.3mm) with dedicated sets of rear elements and rings.  So, it’s a 24-290mm with 46.3mm coverage area for Full Frame and Vista Vision, and is also compatible with 1.4x or a 2x extenders effectively creating a 84-840mm T9.



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