Adobe Uses AI to Auto Reframe Into Different Aspect Ratios

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Premiere pros auto reframeAdobe has introduced new Premiere Pro capabilities that take advantage of recent advancements in AI and machine learning.  Key among the new features is Auto Reframe made possible by Adobe Sensei, (their term for AI assisted functions.)  Auto Reframe has the ability to intelligently reframe and reformat content into different aspect ratios, such as 1×1, and 9×16 from an original 16×9 composition.  Increased use of new aspect ratios made popular by mobile device capture, and various social media platforms has become the bane of filmmakers needing to quickly deliver to these multiple and divergent aspect ratios.  Previously, content creators would have to painstakingly edit the same video for every different platform.  With Auto Reframe, users can simply drag the effect onto the individual clip or clips they wish to reframe and it does the work for them.  Keyframes can be set to easily track the important content in the frame and automatically follow the action to keep the subject properly framed.  Of course, these parameters can easily be trimmed as necessary, but this new technology, which was demoed at IBC and should be available soon in an update to Premiere Pro, will save countless hours of manual tracking labor.  See a demo here:


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