Adobe Announces the Release of Version 4 Beta with Integrations Across the Creative Process

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Adobe has introduced the next generation of to accelerate content workflow and collaboration for every type of creative project. As teams and organizations race to meet the accelerating demand for video content, creatives and stakeholders at all stages of development are slowed down by disconnected tools and systems. V4 is designed to meet the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content at scale by centralizing feedback, helping to reduce rounds of revisions and accelerating the delivery of media assets. The next generation of is currently rolling out in beta for Free and Pro customers, and is planned to launch later this year for Team and Enterprise customers. With all-new workflow management capabilities, anchored by a dynamic metadata framework and a smart folder system called Collections, V4 introduces a cloud-based platform that is fully customizable, powerful and flexible enough to facilitate any creative workflow. File transfer, media asset review and approval, sharing, and presentations have undergone a complete transformation in V4, offering users a more powerful and intuitive platform for their most demanding creative projects.

Highlights include:
• V4 is designed to simplify complex collaboration across the entire content creation lifecycle and enable more complex workflows, richer, more expressive feedback and tighter review loops.
• V4 extends support for video beyond post-production workflows including casting, location scouting and footage reviews, and support for content types including images, design and PDF files.
• New integrations with Photoshop and Workfront further streamline collaboration for Enterprises across the Content Supply Chain.

Support Across Creative Disciplines:
• Casting & Auditions: Group audition tapes by character, filtered by selects, while displaying metadata such as agency, agent content and availability. Assign tasks for select team members to review, provide notes and star-rate.
• Location Scouting: Manage location searches; compare potential sites, organize scouting reports and handle logistical arrangements for optimal shooting settings.
• Daily Footage Reviews: Manage video dailies, ensuring talent and executives see only material relevant to them. Actors receive Collections with only their takes, while studio executives access dynamically updated Collections organized by shooting day, scene and selected takes.
• Marketing Campaign Management: Manage review and approval for all creative assets in a marketing campaign, organized by distribution channel and grouped by asset type, while displaying metadata such as specs and media spend.

New Integrations:
• Creative Cloud: is currently integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects and will be available in Adobe Photoshop for Creative Cloud Enterprise customers beginning in May, with support for more Creative Cloud tools and customer segments coming later this year.
• Workfront:’s integration with Workfront, coming later this year, will enable a new unified review and approval workflow that can streamline collaboration between cross-functional teams – a core capability to help brands automate and optimize their Content Supply Chain.
• GenStudio: As part of Adobe GenStudio – a generative AI-first offering for marketers to quickly plan, create, manage, activate and measure on-brand content, with native integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud –, along with other Adobe applications including Adobe Express and Firefly Services, can help automate content production at scale.
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